Is a food supplement containing electrolytes, minerals and vitamins in the form of water-soluble effervescent tablet. HANGOVER POWER is the innovative way to quickly supply your body with important elements that have been depleted due to all that stress, to sports activities, to sleep deprivation and, above all, to the consumption of alcohol.

Currently, HANGOVER POWER is available in single sticks as an effervescent powder with “Lemon Lime” flavour.



When alcohol reaches your brain, it tells your pituitary gland to stop produce vasopressin, which is your body’s water retention regulator. Without vasopressin, your kidneys begin to drain your body – and those trips to the bathroom wash out salts and electrolytes – that will lead to nausea and fatigue. Alcohol also inhibits glucose production, thereby reducing energy levels. When you stop drinking, glucose production skyrockets – usually right when you’re going to bed – and results in your brain’s high energy levels causing a restless night’s’ sleep and poor energy levels in the morning — or what we know as Hangover.

Next morning your brain is smaller since your cells are compensating for missing water by pulling water from your brain! That pounding headache is dehydration. We’ve made this hangover remedy with all of this in mind, in particular, how to maximally hydrate and regulate blood sugar levels while introducing some natural minerals to give you more energy. WE KNOW IT WORKS!

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